lavender in a white pot

How Much Sun Does Lavender Need?

Lavender is an easy herb to grow. With the right care, proper watering, and the right amount of sun, you should have a thriving lavender plant in no time.


Healthy Herbs And Spices – Cinnamon

Learn about Cinnamon. One of the top healthy herbs and spices, it not only adds taste & aroma to food, but it also has several health-giving properties.


Healthy Herbs – Parsley

Learn about Parsley. One of the most popular herbs for its usual role as a table garnish, but it is not only a mere additive and is, in fact, healthy.

Types of Lavender

Types Of Lavender

Types Of Lavender Plants And Their Interesting Uses Think lavender looks and smells gorgeous? When you find out about its varied uses, you’ll soon be… Read More »Types Of Lavender