Do Herbs For Teeth And Gums Really Work?

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Herbs for Teeth and Gums
by Enola/ on 20 Sep 2021

Do Herbs For Teeth And Gums Really Work?

We all want healthy gums and teeth. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are the primary solutions to keeping your teeth in good condition. However, brushing twice daily is not all it takes to have shiny white teeth. There are herbs for teeth and gums that will help you have a brighter smile without the inconvenience of toxic ingredients. We have also compiled a list of herbs for tooth decay to help you remedy any tooth maladies.

Herbs For Teeth and Gums

Dental prices can vary depending on the work you need doing. By taking proper care of our teeth, we can reduce the number of trips we make to the dentist. To achieve this, we need to do more than brush twice daily. One of the most important herbs we need to keep our gums healthy is myrrh. Using myrrh daily is an excellent preventative measure against gum decay. It tightens and heals gums, cures bleeding gums, and fights bacteria that otherwise fight gum disease and tooth decay.

Natural Remedies For Teeth and Gums

There are tons of other natural remedies for teeth and gums. One of the most common remedies is neem barks. Traditionally used as a toothbrush, Neem barks help prevent cavities and gum disease, reduce plaque, and freshening breath. Beyond fighting a cold, Echinacea is an excellent remedy for inflammation. Plantain leaf is another natural remedy that can help heal wounds in the gum and draw out infections. Another important remedy is peppermint. This popular herb helps to freshen breath and whiten teeth. The best way to ensure that you can always have these remedies at your disposal is to grow a herb garden. These herbs are incredibly easy to grow and will improve the look of your backyard.

Herbal Remedies For Reversing Gum Disease

Some of the herbs for teeth and gums on this list are useful in reversing gum disease. The most important herbal remedies for this ailment are white oak bark to reduce swelling, sage, propolis, Oregon grape root, and goldenseal. Goldenseal is especially useful in fighting gum infection and boosting the immune system.

How To Make Your Own Mouthwash

Natural mouthwash is often less toxic than many OTC drugs. To make your mouthwash, you need the essential oils of three key herbs, peppermint, spearmint, and cloves. Add four drops of peppermint and spearmint dietary essential oil to 2 cups of filtered water. Add a teaspoon of mineral drops and Celtic sea salt. Finally, add two drops of therapeutic grade clove dietary essential oil. Give the mixture a good stir and take twice daily. Turmeric is also a good mouth wash ingredient as it contains curcumin, a natural alternative to chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine is a common ingredient in traditional mouthwash.

Do Herbs For Teeth And Gums Really Work?

Yes, herbs are a great remedy for teeth and gums. Most of the conventional medications used for the treatment of oral disorders are made from herbs. Combining herbal medications such as peppermint, green tea, and myrrh with conventional oral care products helps improve your oral hygiene. Many have antioxidants that help strengthen your facial joints and teeth. Dentists often recommend many of these herbal remedies as a means of treating and maintaining your teeth and gums.