Make Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

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Make Your Own Indoor Herb Garden
by Enola/ on 15 Jul 2021

Make Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

If you want to try out new recipes, invest in herbs. These green goodies bring plenty of flavour to your dishes, but they are also expensive. That is one reason many people are creating their indoor herb gardens. Growing your own herbs helps improve your green thumb, saves money, and ensures you have a good supply of fresh herbs. So, how do you get started?

Choose Herbs You Will Use

The first step to establishing your indoor herb garden is choosing your plants. Excellent choices depend on your taste. Common herbs people choose include rosemary that requires rootless cutting. Chives are part of the onion family and easily grow anywhere. Mint is a hardy leaf that is essential for everything from tea to desserts. Oregano is a staple in Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Italian dishes that can grow in a clay pot.

After the initial planting, keep the soil moist – not wet. Let it dry out before adding water. Also, make sure that your pots have enough drainage holes. The easiest way to ruin your herb is by allowing the roots to sit in water. This leads to root rot and the eventual death of the plant. Drainage holes must be small enough to keep the soil in your pot but large enough to let the excess water drain from a pot. Plus, make sure the saucer on which the pot is standing is free of water at all times.

Find a Spot with Plenty of Natural Sunlight

Whether you are planting each herb in an individual pot or a multi-plant container, location is everything. Your herbs require a healthy amount of vitamin D to grow. Many herbs require at least six hours daily of exposure to sunlight. South-facing light is the best, but this depends on the individual herb and your requirements. Plants like tarragon, parsley, and basil thrive in sunny locations. Herbs that thrive in less sunny areas include mint, sage, and chives. Growing lights are effective and inexpensive in areas that do not have a stream of natural sunlight. They are especially helpful when you want to make your own indoor herb garden in locations that have short winter days.