Common Medicinal Herbs

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Growing Your Own Herbs - A Worthwhile Alternative

For centuries, common medicinal herbs have been part of many cultures for healing and treating ailments from rheumatism to heart treatments. We know that plants used for medicine have played their role in Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic medicine. Throughout the ages in many a home, you would find common medicinal herbs, like chamomile, used as an anxiolytic, or relaxant. Or echinacea, used as a preventative to colds and flu. Every cupboard would have a jar of honey often flavoured with herbs and as an aid for sore throats. The holders of the knowledge of herbs have been respected and feared in equal measures from witches to revered holy men.

Common Medicinal Herbs

Going In A Circle

Technology moved us away from the common medicinal herbs – for a time but now we seem to be circling back round to them becoming once again, a necessary part of healthy living As science improved our knowledge of bacteria and viruses, chemical alternatives became the go-to, even though many started life from the analysis of many common medicinal herbs. Bayer in 1899, synthesised morphine from Salix alba. Later drugs, like cocaine, codeine, digitoxin and quinine evolved from plant derivatives. Currently, there is considerable interest in exploring what more nature can offer medical science.

Is It Easy To Grow Your Own Herbs?

Yes it is. If you have a garden, a backyard, a balcony or a window sill you can start growing your own herbs; it is not a complicated process. Today you can buy many herbs ready to put plant from your local supermarket or garden centre. You can also ask friends or family for cuttings that they may have. Have a look at our blog for more information on the best plants used for medicine that you can grow, their usage and how to cultivate them, plus all the latest news from health and herbs.

Common Medicinal Herbs

3 Common Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow In Your Garden Or Pots

Common Medicinal Herbs - Garlic

Our Favourite Bulb - Garlic.

Most people are aware of the culinary benefits of garlic, but did you know how helpful it is with lowering cholesterol and blood pressure? The scientists and researchers have not yet quite decided how useful. They are also currently testing it to use in the fight against cancer. Also found to have antimicrobial usage – meaning garlic can kill or stop the growth of micro-organisms. While garlic is considered safe, the recommendation is that it not be used if you are taking Warfarin. Consuming garlic in large amounts can affect clotting, so it is also inadvisable to take before a dental or surgical procedure.
Common Medicinal Herbs - Ginger

Another Kitchen Essential - Ginger

Whilst adding flavour to our food, the rhizome ginger can aid with nausea and motion sickness. Growing ginger is easy, buy fresh ginger from your local supermarket. Look for the ones that have the small buds, ‘eyes’ on them. Break the ginger into smaller pieces, each one with a bud on. Plant in rich, moist compost and be a little patient for the shoots to appear. The ginger plant itself is a very attractive plant that wouldn’t go amiss inside your home.
Common Medicinal Herbs - milk thistle flower

For Growers Who Fancy A Challenge - Milk Thistle

Known as the ‘liver tonic’ Milk Thistle has been used over the years to treat liver conditions, high cholesterol and to reduce cancer cells. This is a very invasive plant and spreads very easily, considered by some to be a weed. It is highly toxic to livestock – so do think twice before planting in dairy or sheep farming areas or near where there are horses. Once planted wait for the flowers to appear and start to dry, they develop a dandelion type fluff. Pick and dry at this stage; the seeds will remain viable for up to 9 years.

For All Who Grow And Use Herbs

Herbs are useful when used in the correct way and right amounts. Taken as herbal teas and tincture or added to your food, they can have a beneficial effect. It is essential before introducing herbal remedies as a supplement to your diet to discuss with your health-care professional—especially if you are already taking prescribed medication.
Common Medicinal Herbs - Lavender Field

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