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Here at Health and Herbs, we are passionate lovers of food and we know that the luscious, aromatic leaves of herbs add vibrant fragrance and mouth-watering flavours to any culinary dish or drink. However, there is much more to these delicately flavoured plants than meets the eye. The well-documented health benefits of herbs, including alternative medicines and herbal remedies, means they are not mere garnishing! Herbs offer an effective and natural approach to wellness which can impact us both physically and emotionally.

Herbal holistic therapy has a long tradition of use in disease treatment and prevention, initially using herbs concentrated in tinctures and teas. The real power of these versatile plants lies in polyphenols, protective compounds which have powerful anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants. These can help to combat many diseases like heart disease and diabetes and restore balance in our body systems.

Herbs Contributing To A Healthier Lifestyle

Health and herbs

A healthy lifestyle utilising herbs as natural therapies can not only increase your vitality and enhance health; it also promotes longevity. Health and Herbs is your source of information on how to be adventurous with herbs and improve your lifestyle and health.

  • Learn about which fresh herbs can flavour your daily meals and drinks, adding essential nutrients
  • Explore how healing herbs can provide natural alternatives and complement conventional medicine
  • Discover the powerful benefits of medicinal herbs in achieving optimal health and well being

Growing your own Herbs

No garden, balcony or kitchen is too small to stop you creating your own gorgeous herb garden. Almost every home can accommodate planters, pots or boxes on sunny window ledges. With a little knowledge and some loving care, your aromatic herbs will flourish while you are reading up on their holistic therapy and culinary uses. You will find all the tricks and tips needed to get started planting and take your kitchen garden to the next level on our site.

Sage For Health

Herbal Remedies & Common Medicinal Herbs

Although herbal remedies are completely natural and classed as nutritional supplements, they still need to be treated with respect. Herbs are extremely complex and comprised of many chemical compounds. They form the basis of many modern drugs, with an estimated 25% of pharmaceuticals coming from these adaptable plants.

Health And Herbs Making Cultivation Easy

Harvest A Health-Boosting Crop

Growing herbs from seed can be tricky for beginners, so it’s best to start with pre-potted baby plants. Water them every day, make sure they have plenty of light and keep them trimmed down to stop them producing flowers. Give them space to breathe and look forward to having fresh, delicate herbs and natural therapies at your fingertips. We’ll provide you with everything you need to know about which herbs to choose, harvesting, and how to use and store them efficiently.


Understanding Potency And Quality

Natural herbal therapy is a complete health care system that can be used as a holistic alternative to conventional medicines or as an integrative therapy. The overall quality of any herbal remedy can vary and depends on several important factors. The climate and growing conditions, harvesting and storage, and whether they are pure and organic will all make a vital difference to their quality. This will affect the potency and effectiveness of the end product, which is not always as precise as manufactured medicines and drugs.

Combining Varieties Of Herbs

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Herbs that target particular symptoms, for instance valerian used to combat insomnia, are generally taken for short periods. They can also be used in tonics which work slowly over time, like taking ginseng to strengthen your immune system. Several herbs have both tonic and specific properties. Some are also used in combination. Single use herbs have the advantage of being matched to particular symptoms and make it easy to identify any allergies or side effects. Combination products often combine the known actions of individual herbs at much lower doses. Some herbs can interact with food or medicines too, increasing any side effects or even counteracting immuno-suppressive drugs, so it’s vital to study the information provided before you start.

Using Herbs In A Safe Way

Health and Herbs aim to keep you well informed about all the various herbs and their many uses. Natural therapies have numerous benefits, but you do need to develop a little knowledge about herbs and their effects on the body or mind. Some herbal remedies can take several weeks for any positive results to be seen, so always ensure you know what side effects to watch out for and what to expect in general. If you take any prescription medicines, you should also talk to your family doctor before preparing and taking any herbal preparations.

Health And Herbs - Your A-Z Of Beneficial Herb

Consuming well-known herbs in your daily diet helps to prevent many common health issues, and fresh herbs contain much higher antioxidant levels than the dried varieties. More than just added flavour and colour, they are rich sources of precious nutrients. Here are just some examples from our extensive list:

  • Sage – can help oxygen-based cell damage and improve memory and brain function
  • Fenugreek – has benefits of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels and boosting testosterone
  • Chamomile – linked to improved sleeping patterns and can reduce depression and anxiety levels


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Health And Herbs - Inspiring Healthy Choices

health and herbs homepage

With such a wide variety of succulent herbs and tasty spices, adding healing, healthy choices to your meals is straightforward. Herbal medicine has become a natural therapy easily accessible to everyone. It’s an easy and generally safe way to improve your well being and health, and there are so many delicious and exciting ways to use them.

Utilising herbs in your daily diet is guaranteed to make your taste buds tingle, but they also provide a natural, pure pharmacy in your kitchen. We all need help to battle the environmental stress and issues which threaten to harm our health, especially those who are vulnerable, ill or elderly.

We hope we can provide a great focal point and resources for anyone wanting to integrate herbal remedies and natural therapies into their daily lives. Ready to get started?