How Much Sun Does Lavender Need?

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How Much Sun Does Lavender Need
by Enola/ on 02 Feb 2021

How Much Sun Does Lavender Need?

Lavender is one of the best known common medicinal herbs and is grown for its essential oil. Produced from the distillation of its flower spikes, this oil has both cosmetic uses and some medicinal benefits. It can be used to treat fungal infections and wounds, plus it smells wonderful!

Grow Your Own Lush Lavender

This fragranced plant is extremely popular for a variety of landscape and garden uses. Lavender, a perennial herb, is incredibly easy to grow and thrives just as much in a pot on the patio as in the garden. It’s extremely hardy and once established, requires little attention during the growing season.

Lavender produces bright purple blossoms and is a fabulous pollinator plant that attracts bees. Its smell makes it a great addition to any garden or kitchen windowsill. It loves heat, hates too much water, needs plenty of space and thrives in nutrient lean soil. It’s a delightful herb to grow at home.

Full Sunshine Is The Key To Success

How much sun does lavender need? It should be planted somewhere where it can receive a minimum of six hours of full, unfiltered sunlight every day. The more sun it gets the better it will grow! Pruning is also important for slowing down any growth of woody stems. Prune it once after it flowers, and again at the end of the summer. Lavender is low-maintenance and straightforward to grow if you take a little care.