Pacifier Medicine Dispenser Baby Feeding Device (Blue)

Pacifier Medicine Dispenser Baby Feeding Device (Blue)
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Easy to clean: Reagent residue should be cleaned before first use and after each use.And long-term use will accumulate some bacteria.The design of the syringe can help us to clean, the two parts can be separated and cleaned separately, or the syringe can be pushed and pulled repeatedly to clean the inside. Avoid suffocation: The applicator is designed with a syringe to make it easier to get the medication. Easy to pull the medicine in the syringe to help the child to swallow the medicine and prevent suffocation. Beautiful color: the colorful cartoon shape can attract the baby’sAttention, reduce his alert, so that the baby will not resist highly drug-consuming, easy to feed. Replaces the baby. Scale indication: The baby syringe has a precise scale on the syringe to control the amount of medicine each time. You can control the amount of medicine you consume each time according to the doctor’s instructions. Essentials for children: The small size can be easily stored and carried on your