Shichimi Togarashi, Japanese Seven Spice

Shichimi Togarashi, Japanese Seven Spice
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Shichimi Togarashi in Japanese means “seven spices”. A famous Japanese spice blend dates back to the 17th century. First, it was sold in pharmacies for its medicinal properties. Quickly, street vendors began to use it throughout Japan as a seasoning. It is like “a toasty sweet spice experience. Though it’s not super-spicy, the seaweed lends umami notes, sesame seeds bring texture to the table, orange zest adds floral, sweet notes, and ginger contributes a bit of zing.While many variations exist, our shichimi togarashi is very traditional. We dry our orange peels and salted ume shiso leaves. We toast our seaweed, sesame and hemp seeds, yes, hemp seed “asanomi” was part of the original recipe. You might want to try: Furikake Sprinkle & Nori Goma seasoning Chilli, Sesame, Green Sichuan Pepper, Seaweed, Orange Peel, Ginger, Shicho Leaf, Salt, Japanese Plum.Allegers: Sesame