Herbal Kitchen Garden Seeds, Multi Pack Collection

Herbal Kitchen Garden Seeds, Multi Pack Collection
Brand: Earthsong Seeds
Size: One Size
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6 packs of medicinal herb seeds to grow your own Herbal Kitchen Garden. A lovely little eco-friendly gift for herb-lovers, gardeners and foodies. Where would the deliciousness in our food be without herbs? Literally filled with flavour, herbs have a long history of use in the kitchen as well as in the clinic. Herbalist-Chefs have discovered which plants are best for enhancing the taste as well as the health benefits of our diet; spicy, sweet, aromatic or tangy, they all bring out the best in every dish - and our digestion.The Herbal Kitchen Garden Seed Collection includes Gevonese Basil, Fennel, Lovage, Oregano, Garden Sage and Common Thyme.Each collection comes with sowing and growing instructions and our website has lots of home-apothecary recipe ideas.Earthsong Seeds is a small land-based enterprise in the Chew Valley, in North Somerset in the UK. We are passionate about herbs and are on a mission to empower people to take greater control of their health and wellbeing by growing their own herbs and making their own herbal preparations. not given 100% plastic free & recyclable