5Th Chakra Scent Candle - Archangel Michael

5Th Chakra Scent Candle - Archangel Michael
Brand: Etsy - DocBastianConjure
Color: Dark Olive
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Throat Chakra scent candle is associated with the fifth chakra. Candle is made with camphor, red clover, lemon balm, & other essential oils in soy wax. Suggested uses: for association with 5th chakra. Candle can also be used as a meditation candle. Candle color = light blue Suggest Psalm to read = 45 This is a great candle to burn in your home, office or hotel. It can also be used as an altar or meditation candle. Most of the essential oil & herb blends used in our candles are based on historical references, vintage formulas, accepted aromatherapy values, or herbal uses associated with their given names. NOTES: when we make our candles, they are usually poured only three at a time, six at the maximum - so that we can give each batch our close attention & focus. We use soy wax & 8.5-ounce glass jars & real essential oils. Burn time is around 45 hours. Since many of the ingredients are not usually used in candle making, there is the dilemma of how to get those important, ingredients into the candle. We take any herbs, roots, minerals, or other ingredients that are NOT an essential oil & place them in a stuffable tea bag. It is then sealed & placed in the melted wax to steep where the herbs & roots can mingle with the wax. Then, the essential oils are added, & all ingredients are stirred together. Each is colored according to its purpose. Next, the jars are given a final cleansing & labeled, then taken into our chapel before being shipped to you or taken to our retail store. www.aromagregory.com 5Th Chakra Scent Candle - Archangel Michael