Herb Seeds Physalis Pineapple

Herb Seeds Physalis Pineapple
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Product description: Herb seeds PHYSALIS PINEAPPLE(in individual packaging) Physalis Pineapple is suitable for fresh consumption & for the preparation of various confectionery products: jam, marmalade, fruit candies, as well as stewed fruit & candied fruit. It is prized by gourmets & is often found in the gourmet cuisine of many restaurants. Agrotechnics Growing through seedlings is recommended, the seeds germinate at + 18 o C. When diving, it is better to bury the seedlings to the first leaf, the plant is strongly stretched. At the end of May, when the threat of frost has passed & the ground warms up enough, the seedlings are planted in open ground or a greenhouse. There is no need to goose bumps, since the fruits are formed just on the lateral shoots. Physalis is photophilous, drought-resistant, loves light, organic-rich soil. The Colorado potato beetle does not eat it at all, & the plant is also not affected by fungal diseases. Therefore, its cultivation brings only pleasant impressions. Harvesting of physalis berry Pineapple Fruiting is extended for a month & a half, the plant grows & bushes until frost. Dried lanterns with ripe berries fall to the ground. The value of culture Delicious sweet fruits contain up to 12.5% sugars, up to 1% of useful fiber, about 2 g of proteins, 1.2 mg of carotene, up to 30 mg of vitamin C. Also, a high content of organic polyacids & lysine - a powerful natural anti-cancer substance. It is the only vegetable with gelling properties. Herb Seeds Physalis Pineapple