Brain Power Pulse Point Aromatherapy Perfume

Brain Power Pulse Point Aromatherapy Perfume
Brand: Indigo Herbs, Glastonbury
Size: One Size
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A Stimulating Essential Oil Pulse Point Roller for awakening the mind and sharpening concentration. Pure, unadulterated and hand crafted aromatherapy oil blend for stimulating the mindIndigo Herbs Brain Power Pulse Point Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend is a Stimulating essential oil blend with Almond oil for awakening and sharpening the mind. This Aromatherapy blend has a fresh green and penetrating citrusy aroma. It is known for energising and cleansing the body, mind and spirit. This oil blend can be used directly on the pulse points at the wrists and temples (forehead). It also makes an uplifting perfume. This blend is excellent for aiding concentration and sharpening the mind for focusing and thinking creatively. It can clear a foggy head and uplift and boost energy, bringing a mood of alertness and presence of mind.Aroma description: Citrus Zing—————————————–How to use:—————————————–This Stimulating essential oil blend has been added to a carrier oil and can be applied to the skin directly. There are certain areas of the skin that are more permeable such as pulse points on the wrists and temples, so this therapeutic blend can be applied here for effective absorption.—————————————– —————————————–This Essential Oil is a blend of Almond Oil, Lemon, Rosemary, Basil and Eucalyptus. Only 100% pure botanical ingredients.—————————————–Manufacture Process:—————————————–Brain Power Pulse Point Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend is hand blended in house following our unique proprietary aromatherapy blend recipes, designed for your benefit by our in house aromatherapist. Greatest care and attention is taken when selecting the ingredients, and the synergy of each oil blend is created with your wellbeing in mind.This pulse point roller consists of 90% Almond Oil and 10% Brain Power aromatherapy mix.All ingredients are 100% pure and Natural.All the essential oils we use in our unique blends are manufactured using steam distillation, extraction or expressionAll ingredients produced to GMP Standards.Quality Assured by Indigo Herbs—————————————–Contraindications:—————————————–Keep away from eyes. Not to be ingested.