Vase, Planter, Plant Pot

Vase, Planter, Plant Pot
Brand: Etsy - CRAWceramics
Color: Green
75 GBP
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My range of objects are hand-thrown or built at my studios in London & the coast in Belgium. Each piece takes weeks. After they are thrown & the clay hardened, I will trim them. Once they are bone-dry they go for their first firing. They are then glazed before their final firing. Never deviating from stoneware, they are strong & appropriate for daily use. Though I recommend hand-washing them to lengthen their longevity, they are dish-washing machine safe. No two pieces are the same. This is how my practice is intended. I am grateful should they end up in participating in a daily ritual of yours or a loved one’s. Instagram @craw.ceramics Vase, Planter, Plant Pot