Pack Of Three Natural Seagrass Planter Baskets

Pack Of Three Natural Seagrass Planter Baskets
Brand: Momentum
Size: One Size
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Some indoor paces can feel dull and empty, our seagrass planters are natural alternatives that will perfectly decorate any indoor space. Features:- Pack of 3 Seagrass Planter Baskets (plants not included).- Beautiful and lightweight, our seagrass planters are made using natural fiber seagrass that is durable and chemical-free, giving you a sustainable and eco-friendly product.- Equipped with a built-in plastic coating, you can plant directly into the seagrass planters without worrying about leakage or making them dirty, or you can easily disguise a plastic pot inside.- More than just rustic indoor and outdoor planters, these are a simple storage solution for arranging makeup brushes, toiletries, cooking utensils, or anything that needs storing.- In order to preserve the delicate natural beauty of the seagrass baskets, avoid sun and rain exposure. not given Seagrass