Three 'Green' Fragranced Handmade French Soaps

Three 'Green' Fragranced Handmade French Soaps
Brand: Pure French Soaps
Size: One Size
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Green fragranced ‘Savonettes Marseillaise’ natural handmade French soaps enriched with organic shea butter and divinely fragranced for a luxurious and indulgent skincare treat! If spring is your favourite season then you’ll be a fan of the ‘Green’ fragrance family. Earthy aromas of freshly mown grass combine with stimulating leafy green scents for a fresher sharper edge - just perfect for nature lovers!Inspired by centuries of French artisan soap making our soaps are triple-milled for a luxurious velvety lather and will lavish your skin with moisture and immerse you in a sense of Provençe every time you bathe.Suitable for all skin types, they are vegan, cruelty-free, and exquisitely scented with perfumes from Grasse, the internationally acclaimed “World Capital of Perfume”. Contains 3 x handmade French soaps 125g: (fragrances as chosen).Select any combination from 7 options in the ‘green’ fragrance family.Choose from:Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera), Basil (Basilic), Herbe de Provence (Herbs de Provence), Lemon Verbena (Citron Verveine), Mint (Menthe), Rosemary (Romarin), Thyme (Thym).Presented in a brown kraft giftbox with natural brown paper zig-zag infill and protected with a sturdy postal wrap to ensure your purchase arrives in perfect condition.Personalised gift wrap available.Includes a choice of pleated bow gift wrap with natural fabric ribbon, a real wax seal and an optional hand written message. Our 125g classic French soaps are hand-crafted in Marseille and made from natural and organic ingredients ethically obtained from sustainable sources. They are 100% vegetable based, so contain no synthetic, chemical or petroleum-based ingredients, and are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, free from parabens, SLS, silicon and artificial pigments.All our products are dermatologically tested and conform fully to UK and European regulations on cosmetics. All packaging is plastic-free, naturally biodegradable or recyclable.