Chamomile - 1 Oz Certified Organic

Chamomile - 1 Oz Certified Organic
Brand: Etsy - MandragoraWitchery
Color: Dark Olive
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Chamomile A beautiful plant that is sacred to the Sun, Chamomile is an herb that promotes purification, prosperity, healing, peaceful sleep, & luck. Carried in a green bag, Chamomile can help bring money & gambling luck, while burning it as an incense can purify your space & clear your mind of any mental fog / unwanted energies. Mixed with lavender & placed under a pillow, Chamomile helps promote peaceful sleep & protects against nightmares, & due to its solar nature, Chamomile adds strong magick to healing works. It has the power to uplift a persons mood, & provides a balanced solar charge that helps to strengthen ones’ aura. This should be an herb staple for any Witch’s cupboard. This listing is for (1) oz of Organic Chamomile All of the herbs we offer are 100% organic, & some are even grown by us in our Witch’s Garden. They can be used in incenses, oils, charm bags, herbal blends, & a myriad of other things. Sold as a curio Chamomile - 1 Oz Certified Organic