Quintet Of Mini House Plants And Ceramic Planters Gift

Quintet Of Mini House Plants And Ceramic Planters Gift
Brand: Stupid Egg Houseplants
Size: One Size
19.95 GBP
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An adorable set of mini plants in textured planters. Space them around the house, keep as a set or share with friends and family. These plants make a wonderful gift for friends, family or yourself! The will fit anyway as a set or spaced around the home making them a great new house gift. Do not under estimate their miniature stature. These plants make a statement with their architectural variation from the straight Rockets to the trailing String of Hearts.Plants pictured are Sansevieria Rocket, Punk & Green Star, Spider Plant and the ever so dainty String of Hearts.Plants may slightly vary subject to availability but will be as close a match as possible to those pictured. At the moment we are substituting String of Coins for the String of Hearts.Easy to care for: Water when soil is dry, do not leave in standing water. They like medium/bright light, just avoid strong direct sunlight.If you opt to purchase the planters, they will be provided in a random selection of colours to include green, grey and terracotta. not given Planters are made from ceramic.