Ecopots Round Wheeled Saucer Made From Recycled Plastic

Ecopots Round Wheeled Saucer Made From Recycled Plastic
Brand: Circular&Co.
Size: One Size
31.95 GBP
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Make watering your plants easy with our matching Ecopots saucers made from recycled plastic. Pairs with the Amsterdam and Antwerp Ecopots not given The Ecopots Round Saucer on Wheels has 5 wheels attached to the bottom to make moving your larger and heavier plants around much easier once planted. Pot comes with wedges to secure wheels when you’ve found the perfect spot!Available in three attractive colours: Grey, White Grey, and Black Ecopots are the only mass market flowerpots and planters with a handmade finish.The Scandinavian designs combine form and function.Each pot contains up to 80% recycled plastics and 20% recycled natural stone.They are UV proof, break proof and frost resistant.Each flowerpot has a lifespan of over 10 years and are completely recyclable.The unique composite material provides insulation to the plant roots.