Plant Training System To Organise Growing Space

Plant Training System To Organise Growing Space
Brand: Ergrownomics
Size: One Size
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Our plant training works with our entire range of planters, and is designed to revolutionise small-space growing - producing much higher yields than conventional systems! A sample of our training system is provided FREE with all planters, and is one of our absolute favourite features! This patented kit is designed to extend the growing potential available from a small space - promoting airflow, preventing mildew, making for easier picking and also organising your growing space to allow for high density planting! The result? Much higher yields than traditional raised planters and beds can hope to achieve…, and no more floppy foliage growing damp and mouldy on the ground! Please note that this is only available for use with our planter range, and will not work without these containers. The kit comes with everything you need to organise three distinct planting rows - enough to fill a single container. These can also be repurposed to divide the growing space into quadrants, ideal for growing a range of culinary or cocktail herbs! Our training bars are hollow aluminium rods, which slot precisely into your containers’ pre-moulded cylinders; these form the outline for your plant-training. These are then joined with an elasticated cord (finished with brass aglets), and held with a cord-lock (with marine- grade stainless steel springs). Finally, O-ring seals allow the rods to be adjusted in height, as well as protecting against intrusion from soil.Just as with everything in our range, each component has been made to last years of prolonged, outdoor use. Our bars (though expensive to produce) will never break, the toggle springs will never rust, and the seals (made from an automotive grade polymer) will not perish as rubber does! Of course, it goes without saying that every element of our plant training is designed and manufactured in the UK.