Moldavian Drahgonhead 0.5G.(~150 Seeds

Moldavian Drahgonhead 0.5G.(~150 Seeds
Brand: Etsy - HousewivesClub
Color: Blue
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Do you want to be pleased with yourself & show it to others? Buy high quality seeds & do it. Grow a beautiful flower yourself for your pleasure. You can also be proud of your talent in front of others. You can do it. Why buy from us? 1. We sell fresh seeds. 2. Vacuum packing. 3. Laser control of seeds. 4. On the package there is a photograph of the plant, a small note with the planting & about the plants. 5. Extensive experience in storage & processing of seeds. 6. Satisfied customers. SEE MORE INDICATORS:┬žion_id=31922254 SEE MORE OFFERS: SEEDS Moldavian Dragonhead Packaging: 0.5 g.(~150 seeds) planting in a greenhouse: - plant in the ground: 4-6 month bloom: 7-9 month Height: ~50-100cm BEST BEFORE: 2025.12 Depending on where you are, the month of planting will be different. The description contains data for the European zone. Time zone - B. Moldavian Drahgonhead 0.5G.(~150 Seeds