Botryoidal Malachite & Chrysocolla Mineral Specimen - Mal 18

Botryoidal Malachite & Chrysocolla Mineral Specimen - Mal 18
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Color: Green
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This beautiful piece of malachite & chrysocolla is very interesting. You can see the botryoidal malachite rests on top of the chrysocolla, making for a unique specimen because of its color combination & its formation. This piece is able to stand on its own, but should be placed in a stand for extra stability. It will make an excellent addition to any mineral collection. Malachite has been used as a green pigment & pottery glaze & was one of the first ores of copper. Its name stems from the Greek molochits, meaning mallow, in allusion to that herb’s green leaves. Modern metaphysical practitioners believe that malachite absorbs negative energies, releases negative memories, & brings overall emotional healing. Collectors value chrysocolla for its bright colors association with other colorful, oxidized copper minerals Metaphysical practitioners believe that chrysocolla is a stone of communication, calmness, & peace that aids in verbal & telepathic expression, facilitates the emergence of truth & wisdom, discharges negative energies, & enhances feminine energies. Weight: 6.2 ounces / 175.767 grams Size: length 4 x height 2 x thickness 1 Locality: Democratic Republic of the Congo Botryoidal Malachite & Chrysocolla Mineral Specimen - Mal 18