Mercury Candle

Mercury Candle
Brand: Etsy - ScentsOfTheCraft
Color: Grey
14.57 GBP
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This spellbound, natural soy candle will cultivate energy from Mercury. Everything about this candle is oriented for the general purpose of planetary energy including the original mixed scents, color & beautiful decoration on top. The herbs found upon the top of the candle specifically encourages planetary connection as well as the flowers on top. To add additional craftsmanship, we have incorporated a fair amount of shimmer in each candle so that when you melt, or burn your candle, you will enjoy the pleasure of watching it churn with a gorgeous sparkle. Due to the fact every candles’ scent is hand made from a combination of scents, it is difficult to express the unique scent. However, this is a very smooth & floral scent & we have cast a spell upon it to promote productivity. We hope that you consider adding this candle to your home & deeply appreciate your consideration. The product size is 3 inches across & 2 1/2 inches in depth. The candle weight is 7 oz. (207 ML) & features a sturdy tin with 2 wax wicks to give you a modern & luxurious feeling. They are beautiful to display anywhere! We make them in a extremely sterile environment to ensure you stay happy & healthy while enjoying your candle. Thanks again for your consideration. Mercury Candle