Waterfall Water For Magical Workings & Spell Craft

Waterfall Water For Magical Workings & Spell Craft
Brand: Etsy - GhoulMountain
Color: Grey
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Waterfall Water is used magically for many purposes! Cleansing, Purification, Healing, Good Health, Anointing, Protection, Transformation, Change, Brings Movement to a Working, Birth Rites & Fertility Rituals, Beauty/Glamour Magicks, & more! You can add them to your workings & spells for extra potency, or use them in a ritual bath (ONLY 1-3 DROPS!) DO NOT CONSUME! STORE in YOUR REFRIGERATOR FOR UP TO 6-8 MONTHS, (A YEAR AT THE MOST) & THEN DISPOSE! (You can also store for 3-6months in a cool, dark place). You can save & reuse the bottle! …A little bit goes a long way!… I work with the spirit of the River that runs by my home. It resides less than twenty feet from my door. The waterfall is about a three minute walk from my home, through the woods, & resides on our land. I’ve had a deep connection with both this River, & it’s waterfall my entire life. (I’ve lived here since I was 5yo & I’m now 30!) The waterfall & river waters are gathered & processed a bit differently than my herbs, but it is a similar ceremonial process. These Waterfall and/or River Waters SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED AT ANY TIME as they are NOT SAFE to drink! LEGAL NOTES: NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS! I cannot take back the waters NOT FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME KEEP OUT IF REACH OF CHILDREN & PETS! This shop & it’s owners are NOT responsible for the misuse, mishandling, or improper storage of this product! Please keep somewhere safe, away from your children & pets This shop & it’s owners are NOT responsible for any failed spells or workings. We can only supply the tools that you need. SOLD AS A CURIO ONLY Consultations for magical work will be available in my shop in the future. For now, message me here on Etsy for any Spell Craft & Magical Working inquiries! No spell/working is 100% guaranteed. I am also not obligated to take on your case. Thank you for supporting my small business, & shopping here at Ghoul Mountain Waterfall Water For Magical Workings & Spell Craft