Magical Allspice

Magical Allspice
Brand: Etsy - AkashaLondonShop
Color: Grey
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Allspice is considered masculine & is associated with the planet Mars & the element of Fire. It is thought that Fire is where allspice gains its strength to provide you with protection, build your courage, & help you make positive changes. It can also help increase ones determination to complete a goal. Allspice is frequently burned as an incense to attract wealth & success or good luck in future prospects. Many consider its property of bringing good health as one of its most important benefits. Product details Approx: 22grms Comes in handmade branded AKASHA LONDON paper packets that are 100% recyclable. Size of the packs: 12cm x 7.3cm This makes a perfect gift 100% Vegan 100% Organic 100% Magical Great for gift giving How to use: + Burn as incense to cleanse & purify the air + Use in the bath on a New Moon or Full Moon to connect with new energy. + Use to cook with, send out the intention that you are adding wealth to your life + Use during a chakra meditation + Carry is a sachet for good luck & attracting wealth There really is no right or wrong way to use these, it’s all about intention setting. Magical Allspice