Sea Glass Necklace, Wire Wrapped Pendant Glass, Crystal Copper Pendant, Small Gemstone, Blue

Sea Glass Necklace, Wire Wrapped Pendant Glass, Crystal Copper Pendant, Small Gemstone, Blue
Brand: Etsy - CreativelyNaturalxo
Color: Dark Olive
Size: S
15.6 GBP
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This pendant is ready for adoption & it’s looking at you! This sea glass, lovingly wire wrapped to create this stunning piece, is a dazzling piece of wearable art. This pendant is available with or without a chain. Please select from the drop-down box the length & style chain you would prefer. Should you not wish to purchase a chain, please select the 0 option. THE MAGIC OF SEA GLASS Charged by the sun. Cleansed by the sea. Renewed by the tides. As the saying goes: you are a product of your environment - & this couldn’t be truer for sea glass. Sea glass completely embodies all the properties of the ocean & the seaside in every possible way. The allure of these hybrid man & nature made gems is as captivating as the ocean itself. For many years sea glass has been cleansed by the healing properties of the saltwater as it traveled back & forth with the flowing rhythm of the tides. It soaks up the warm light of the sun all day & shimmers in the moonlight all night. With that being said, the tide, the sun, & the moon are infused into the essence of the sea glass. This gem washed up on shore, waited to be discovered, like a gift from the universe, fully charged with the spiritual healing of the ocean. Every time you wear this beautiful sea glass jewelry pendant, a feeling of calmness, of peace & tranquility will be evoked. Care Instructions: Please remove jewelry: -Before doing any housework: household cleaners are corrosive & may permanently damage your gems -Before swimming and/or showering: chlorine, some soaps, or just immersing your jewelry in water, may cause damage to your gemstones or their settings -Before sleeping: tossing & turning in your sleep puts excess strain on your jewelry, causing it to become loose or even break Important Notes: Often referred to as a living finish, the nature of copper is that it oxidizes over time & changes its patina. It becomes green as a natural process. The green is a natural patina caused by chemical reactions with other elements. Many things can cause copper to change color: Air, Body Oils, Water (especially sweat, pools, & seawater). Patina is a natural by-product & NOT A DEFECT. If you don’t like the patina effect, you can clean copper goods using standard copper polish. Keep copper in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly sealed plastic bag with an anti-tarnish strip. Please be mindful & BE CAREFUL when using polishes & tarnish removers around your gemstones, as these can cause your gemstones to become dull & fade. Each pendant is a handmade, one-of-a-kind piece. The photos show the exact item that you will receive. Every Stone is unique, as a result, the color may vary slightly. Please look at ALL photos. All stones, crystals, tools & materials are smudged & cleansed with sacred herbs upon receipt & during the creation of each piece. Refunds & Exchanges: All items are non-refundable at this time. Please contact me for any concerns or issues with items purchased. Thank you for visiting my shop. Free