Jute And Seagrass Hanging Planters

Jute And Seagrass Hanging Planters
Brand: Sophie MacBain
Size: One Size
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Jute and Seagrass Hanging Planters Create a beautiful botanical arrangement indoors with our range of hanging plant pots. Available in three shapes, each piece comes with an internal PVC liner to pot plants, herbs and flowers in and water with ease.Tall: H16 x Diameter 16.5cmJute Rope: H90cmCrafted in JuteShort: H16 x Diameter 17cm (top), 13cm (base)Jute Rope: H90cmCrafted in Sea GrassTapered: H14 x Diameter 20cm (top), 25cm (base)Jute Rope: H90cmCrafted in Jute Tall, Short, Tapered Jute and Seagrass