Medium Outdoor Self Watering Vegetable Bed

Medium Outdoor Self Watering Vegetable Bed
Brand: Ergrownomics
Size: One Size
435 GBP
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Our three-container self-watering vegetable bed can create the ultimate, productive urban-garden, in any hard-standing, linear space! The discrete, contemporary design of our raised vegetable bed makes it best placed along a wall or fence, maximising productivity while minimising the occupied space. The planter is fully self-watering using commercial-grade drip-irrigation, and also comes with our own two-part filter drainage system (to prevent staining beneath). What’s more, a sample of our own patented plant-training to organise your growing space, and maximise yields, is now included. Nervous about starting a vegetable garden? Never fear! We also include lifetime access to our crop database, soil preparation advice and range of beginners’ guidance!Start your own urban vegetable garden this spring! Ideal for the experienced gardener looking for a genuine alternative to wooden raised beds (and avoiding back or knee pain), or for the absolute beginner wanting to start vegetable gardening in an urban space (without the gimmicks!) The planter has been specifically designed to prevent back-strain, and is available in three heights to make gardening as ergonomic and comfortable as possible; after-all, you wouldn’t ride a bike that didn’t fit! We also offer four container colours. Our bold and colourful purple container can make a powerful statement, while our subtle texture patterns - Millstone & Marble - have been designed to mimic a more natural setting. Finally, our contemporary ‘Black’ container is totally classic - and (better still) is sustainable & eco-friendly - moulded entirely from recycled plastic! We wanted to break the mould of the UK garden sector, notorious for manufacturing throw-away products with a short lifespan, so we use only the highest quality materials, and hand-build each planter to order in our workshop (in Herefordshire)! Each container is rotationally moulded (to avoid plastic cracking & fracturing usually found with plastic products) from MDPE in Somerset - it’s the same grade of material used in UK clean-water pipes, meaning it’s totally non-reactive and food-safe. We also use twice-galvanised steel for the frame (with stainless steel set-screws) so it’ll never rust, aluminium training bars (to support crops) and even a brass ‘hoselock’ connector to join with your garden tap. We’re so confident with our build quality that we provide a class-leading 10-year warranty on every planter in our range!Easily set-up in minutes, the planter arrives part-built and requires only partial frame assembly (with a provided hex-key), irrigation priming and - finally - backfilling with soil! The planter is also easily dissembled and transferred to a new space - making it ideal for rented accommodation.The planters are designed to require minimum maintenance and are both UV and rust resistant, to keep them looking great year after year. To maintain a shine, the steel frame can benefit from occasional polishing with a simple spray of WD40. The planter is easy to use and provides a comfortable working reach of nearly 60cm (the ergonomic optimum), and also includes a lip to prevent soil spillage. We recommend brushing this off from time-to-time, to keep everything looking tidy!