Grow Your Own Herbs 'Terracotta Herbs Kit'

Grow Your Own Herbs 'Terracotta Herbs Kit'
Brand: The Terracotta Herbs Company
Size: One Size
35 GBP
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A beautiful an easy way of growing your own herbs at home in gorgeous terracotta pots. An eco-friendly and sustainable product. There’s something ever so delightful about cooking with fresh herbs and with this kit, we’ve made growing your own easy, convenient and beautiful. Our eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable kit comes with exactly the right amount of everything you need to grow your own herbs at home in gorgeous terracotta pots. All you need is to add little water.Fantastic also as housewarming, birthday or chritmas gift and ideal to give the kids an educational and entertaining activity to do at home. not given This sustainable box contains everything you need (except a splash of water) and each ingredient is perfectly measured for minimum hassle. The box includes: 3 medium terracotta pots and saucers, 6 different types of seeds (Basil, Parsley, Coriander, Oregano, Chives and Peppermint), 6 bamboo tags for corresponding seeds and just the right amount of compost soil for planting up the three pots.We are commited to play our part for the environment and the planet and our kits are totally eco-friendly and sustainable. Our packaging is made in the UK with 90% recycled materials and it is fully recyclable. In fact, parts of it are compostable within weeks (no nasty plastics in our kits!). Our soil, gravel and seeds are locally sourced within the UK and our team are paid above the minimum wage and don’t use motorised vehicles to commute to our assembly centre. Our terracotta pots can be re-used as many times as neccesary.