Meditation Candle/Yoga/Om/Intention/Reiki/Aromatherapy/Selenite Crystalcandle/stress Relief/ Herbal & Crystal Candle/Eucalyptus & Lavender

Meditation Candle/Yoga/Om/Intention/Reiki/Aromatherapy/Selenite Crystalcandle/stress Relief/ Herbal & Crystal Candle/Eucalyptus & Lavender
Brand: Etsy - EnchantedByTania
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This beautiful meditation candle is perfect to light during meditation, yoga, or just to quiet your mind. There are thousands of studies that have shown mindfulness meditation can positively impact mental & physical health. Whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships, research shows mindfulness works. Embedded in this candle is eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile flower, quartz crystal & amethyst crystal chips Tied with a lavender multi colored string & has the Om charm in center The sound of om is said to contain the entire universe. It is the first sound from the beginning of time & it also encompasses the present & the future. As such, it’s importance & power are difficult to overstate. in the chakra system, it is connectedness to Ajna chakra, the third eye, which represents intuition & self knowledge. Clear Quartz is the universal crystal & master healer. Clear Quartz Crystal is a power stone that harmonizes & balances. It augments energy by absorbing, amplifying, & balancing, storing, retrieving, focusing, transmitting & channelling universal energy & is excellent for unblocking it. A powerfully protective stone, it also purifies on all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical. Because it directs & amplifies energy it is exceptionally beneficial for manifesting, meditation, & channelling. Amethyst- Increases nobility Spiritual awareness Psychic abilities Inner peace & healing Healing of body, mind & soul Positive transformation Meditation Balance Relieves stress Communication Eucalyptus is used to bring fresh energy to a situation, to heal regrets & worries, & to relieve mental exhaustion. It is an excellent herb to use when someone or something is bothering you. It is often blended with other healing herbs to bring relief from physical or emotional concerns. - Lavender flowers are commonly used for seeking love, healing, & inner calm. This candle scent is a blend of citrus with mid notes of rose, Sage leaf, & camphor with a hint of fresh pine needles & vanilla Candle size is 8 oz. Please keep in mind candles may vary slightly from picture These candles are hand-poured in small batches 1 at a time, & the wax colors, charms, stones, ribbon & herbs may vary slightly depending on what is available~ but I always put effort into making each one lovely. PLEASE PRACTICE CANDLE SAFETY! 1. Never leave your burning candle unattended, use in a fire safe area. This candle contains dried herbs that can potentially catch fire in the process of burning. 2. Do not burn near drafts or vibrations 3. Do not burn around children or pets 4. Remove items as the melting of the wax loosens them. Put on heat resistant surface as tins can become hot. Do not touch until tin has cooled! Disclaimer: Enchanted by Tania is not legally responsible for any outcome when using these candles. Please do not leave your candle unattended. The herbs in the candle are susceptible to