Grow Microgreens Straight Out The Box

Grow Microgreens Straight Out The Box
Brand: Silly Greens
Size: One Size
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Keep up your intake of fresh greens with the convenience of pre-sown grow boxes that need little watering and grow in sight’s eye. The micro veg box, comes half grown.Keeping up your intake of fresh greens is made easy with the convenience of these grow boxes that are pre-sown, need little watering and are kept in sights eye. The live seed trays come through the letterbox and grow from the box they turn up in. So whether making up a salad or plating some pasta adding a clump of the green stuff has never been easier. They are your usual herbs and veg, just grown for less time. Punchy and nutritious they grow indoors throughout the year. Boxes contain three punnets of greens. Some punnets include a mix of seeds while some are on their own. Each box will be something different.Available monthly for 6, 9 or 12 month subscription lengths. Grown in natural seaweed Jelly. All contents of the box are recyclable.Grow boxes include three trays of different greens with everything required to get them to crop a week or so later, it is as simple as finding a space for them to grow. As a short-lived dense crop of seedings, they don’t need much to grow so you won’t need to find any soil or bigger pots. The yield is small but with that comes an intensity of flavour and nutrition not found in more mature veg giving you a natural health kick you’ve grown yourself. The little leaves can accompany soups, stews, steaks, sandwiches or whatever takes your fancy.Popular among chefs these little leaves not only make food look good, the health properties they contain make them a wonderful addition to a varied diet. Until now their short-shelf life has limited their appeal but by supplying them a few stages earlier, as pre-sown seeds they can flourish at home where they have time to be enjoyed.May contain Mustard