Bottle Top Terracotta Herb Planters

Bottle Top Terracotta Herb Planters
Brand: TheLittleBoysRoom
Size: One Size
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Upcycle your bottles and turn them into planters with the Bottle Top Herb Planters. Simply place in opening of a bottle and fill with soil and seeds of your choice, then watch them grow.With these bottle top herb planters, you can use an old plastic or glass bottle to grow something new.The elongated terracotta pots can either be used as holders for cuttings or to grow new plants from seeds.The herb planter is also practical if you want to grow basil, thyme or any other herb in your kitchen window.When growing new herbs from seeds, fill the pot and foot with soil and plant seeds just below the soil surface.Place the planter in the bottle, set the bottle in the sun and regularly fill the bottle with water.Perfect for indoor gardenersYou will receive three pots in your box not given 100% TerracottaWipe clean only