Custom Herb & Spice Label/Jar Pantry

Custom Herb & Spice Label/Jar Pantry
Brand: Etsy - NicheLabels
Color: Black
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Perfect for those smaller herb & spice containers! Made from top quality self-adhesive vinyl, these custom made labels come in many fonts to suit any Decor. Please ensure you add your label names to the ‘Label Customisation’ box above with each label on a separate line. Labels are a maximum length of 8cm & the height is dependent on the font chosen & lengths of word. Please measure the product you wish to label before selecting your size to ensure a proper fit. Maximum 3 words per label. For example, Self-Raising Flour is one label. Depending on length, these labels may be printed on 2 lines & centred. The vinyl is water resistant, however hand washing is recommended. DELIVERY: Tracked Please note colours may vary slightly due to colour differences of monitors & browsers Custom Herb & Spice Label/Jar Pantry