Sajou Museum & Heritage Toile Du Jouy Embroidery Cushion Kit - Coquecigrues

Sajou Museum & Heritage Toile Du Jouy Embroidery Cushion Kit - Coquecigrues
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A beautiful Sajou cross stitch kit for making up a retangular cushion in the iconic Toile du Jouy Coquecigrues pattern. The cushion is backed with a printed historical Chintz fabric. This complete kit contains everything needed to make a small cushion, including the backing fabric. - Off-white 32 count linen fabric, 35 x 25cm - 100% cotton chintz fabric 35 x 25 cm; - Retors du Nord embroidery floss card containing colours: 2034, 2302, 2332, 2536 & 2876; - Retors du Nord embroidery floss cards: 2005, 2007, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2028, 2033, 2038, & 2749 ; - A Sajou Cr par moi label (Made by me); - Full colour pattern chart. The chintz fabric may vary depending on stocks, but the end result will always be lovely. Dimensions of finished cushion: 31 x 22 cm. The Coquecigrues design is one of several historical prints available for cross stitch that are taken from The Toile du Jouy Museum pattern archives. This charts are also available in the following designs; Marley, Breteuil, Les Indiennes, Dampierre, Bonnes Herbes No.1 & Bonnes Herbes No.2 The charts in these designs can be found in my shop along with other embroidery charts & kits inspired by the designs & histories of Toile du Jouy & of the Bayueux Tapestry. Some of you will already be collectors of Sajou & be more than aware of this extraordinary French brand. Sajou produce haberdashery items made in France to the highest standards (in some cases even produced on the original old machinery). Perfect for gifts & collectors, & for those of you unable to resist a quality that is seldom found in today’s mass produced haberdashery products. Sajou was created in 1828 by Jaques- Simon Sajou, selling haberdashery for embroidery, tapestry, lace, crochet & weaving. His pattern albums are sought after to this day by collectors worldwide. in 2005 the Sajou brand was purchased & revived by avid collector; Frederique Crestin- Billet. Many of the old designs have been faithfully reproduced & there are some new designs that have been added in the Sajou style. Sajou Museum & Heritage Toile Du Jouy Embroidery Cushion Kit - Coquecigrues