Ancient Blends

Ancient Blends
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Holiday Gift Idea (Please hold on to your spray tops…no more tops available till July!) Because essential oils vibrate at a high frequency, they not only protect you physically they can lift your spirits as well. Ancient Blends beautifully scented purifying aura mist will cleanse & balance your personal auric field. It helps you to eliminate negativity & bad vibes, cut stagnation or simply refresh & clean your energy field. Use this mist to reinstate a positive ambiance, create a peaceful, safe & spiritual atmosphere around yourself & accent your body with the delicious scent of mint, rosemary & grapefruit…A wonderful spray after shower, or bath & on the sheets for resting & sleeping. Also great before a meditation, yoga, body work or in a room designed for bathing. Shake very well & create your harmony. Our body is surrounded by a vibrational field that is commonly referred to as the aura. Subtle energy is produced by our body’s energy anatomy, also known as our subtle anatomy. The aura is an electromagnetic force field that surrounds all living things in both the animal & plant kingdom & interpenetrates the physical body. The force field shields & protects the body. Have you ever seen a light around a person’s head or maybe sensed somebody’s mood. Well then, you may be becoming aware of the human energy field that people call the Aura. The colors of the aura are a good indicator of the personality, health & spirituality. The aura is multi-colored & flows & moves with you, changing color with your moods, feelings & spiritual condition. Disease & illness are physical disorders which have their roots in being blocked or stuck in energy flow of the bodyor in some cases, too free a flow, most often in or near vital organs. The flow is blocked, or stuck, or unbalanced, as a result of thought, which eventually works through the physical body as a pain or as an organic disturbance of some kind. This is the true nature of disease & illnesses & disorders to which humankind is prone. The release of the healing powers within oneself depends upon this particular cleansing process which can be cleansed using aromatherapy & color therapy. Colors of flowers reflects in the color of essential oils. As plants derive energy from the sun’s rays which contain all the colors of a rainbow, they offer a special method of absorbing color vibrations into our system. Unlike synthetic substances, which have no vital force within in them, essential oils are filled with living, pulsating vibrations. This is why aromatherapy, like color therapy, forms a part of vibrational, healing medicine. Vibrational medicine is a form of medicine that uses the powerful vibrations of the electromagnetic spectrum. Since I have been researching aromatherapy, crystals, gemstones & color therapy for many years, I have learned how they all work harmoniously together & can also be blended together to create a desired effect. Aromatherapy in the form of essential oils are infused to create