Personalised Funny Plant Marker Set For Mums

Personalised Funny Plant Marker Set For Mums
Brand: Grace & Favour Home
Size: One Size
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A plant marker set with gardening based puns makes a thoughtful gift for mum. A pack of organic seeds can also be added! A fun gift for mum on Mother’s Day or anytime throughout the year, these plant markers are engraved with gardening puns to show your love. Why not add a pack of organic flower seeds to make sure your gift keeps giving in the months to come. Planting the seeds together and watching them grow will make a great bonding experience. Available in two sets with either ‘Mum’ or ‘Mummy’ at the start of each phrase.The sets features 6 amusing puns, with one of each of the following phrases: ‘Mum, lettuce be friends forever’, ‘Mummy, thank you for helping me blossom’, ‘Mum, you make me hap-pea’, Mummy, I love you berry much’, ‘Mum, you did a grape job raisin me’ and ‘Mummy, you are one in a melon’.Each set is beautifully presented in a kraft box, perfect for Mother’s Day.Organic seed options - Sweet William, popular biennial, mixed colours. Sweet Pea, Heavenly scent in a mixture of colours. Poppy, large red, white and pink flowers. Cornflower, traditional blue cottage garden flower. Sunflower, Fabulous double golden-yellow flowers.Pepper, ‘Long red Marconi’, an attractive long, red sweet pepper. Carrot, ‘Bambino’, lovely sweet taste baby carrot. Wild rocket, dark, green spicy leaves. Beetroot, ‘Chioggia’, mild flavoured, very attractive beet with white and pink rings running through it.Chives, Perennial herb with a mild onion flavour. Basil, ‘Sweet Genovese’, Popular culinary basil with a fine aromatic flavour. Sage, Perennial culinary herb for use in casseroles and stuffings. Made from 100% biodegradable wood, laser engraved in our Devon studio.Seeds are organically grown and specially chosen with full planting instructions included.