Zucchini Seeds Tsukesha

Zucchini Seeds Tsukesha
Brand: Etsy - IvanSeeds
Color: Green
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Product description: Zucchini seeds TSUKESHA (in individual packaging) Tsukesha refers to an early, high-yield, compact & storage-friendly vegetable marrow. Possesses excellent taste & high commercial characteristics. It is characterized by excellent resistance to the most common pests & diseases. The fruits are cylindrical, dark green in color, with small white blotches. The average length of a squash does not exceed 30-35 cm with a diameter of 12-13 cm. The surface of the fruit is smooth. The flesh is white, crispy & very tender. The average weight of the fetus is about 0.9-1 kg. Zucchini Seeds Tsukesha