Yarrow Flower | 1 Oz

Yarrow Flower | 1 Oz
Brand: Etsy - TheWitchsTreasure
Color: Grey
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Yarrow has many magickal uses, including love, protection, divination, & adding potency to various spells & charms. The Chinese used Yarrow stalks for I Ching readings, & the Saxons wore amulets of Yarrow to ward off evil luck. The Greeks associated Yarrow with strength & courage. Placing a sachet of Yarrow under your pillow is said to bring dreams of future love, or keep a current lover’s favor. 1 ounce cut & sifted Yarrow flower (Achillea millefolium) by weight (excluding packaging). Sold as a botanical curio only (not a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional advice). Yarrow Flower | 1 Oz