Wood Plant Trellis - Support Accessories Sticks

Wood Plant Trellis - Support Accessories Sticks
Brand: Etsy - GrainDeep
Color: Silver
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Wood Plant Trellis / Wood Plant Support/ Wood Plant Stick Plants are the new pets! House plants seem to be all the craze these days & for good reason. They add warmth to a space, are visually beautiful & they improve our well being. This size plant support is great for your little plant babies. They are great for vine type plants where there ends up being a lot of weight towards the base. They look beautiful as is however once the vines are spread upward it gives the plant an opportunity to grow & spread out. There are three different wood species to choose from; maple, cherry & walnut. It is a veneer on either side with an MDF core in the center. This ensures that the stands are durable & will not break. A clear oil finish is applied by hand to protect the surface. The sticks are dipped in a clear waterproof coating to help prevent root rot. It is important to point out that additional coatings of protective finish may need to be applied with time & use. Liquid Rubber works great. Overall Length - 7.5 Inches Overall Width - 1.5 Inches Length of stick at base - 2.5 Inches (this measurement is not to be added with the overall length The overall length of the entire stick is still 7.5 inches) Please note, grain & tone may vary slightly due to the natural properties of wood, & the handmade quality of our work. Wood Plant Trellis - Support Accessories Sticks