White Very Long Metal Planter On Stand

White Very Long Metal Planter On Stand
Brand: Dezzanti
Size: One Size
118.49 GBP
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Elegant and modern metal planter with stand. Extra Long Planter for those mixed plants arrangements. Ideal as a room divider or at the end of office desk. This planter comes in 3 height options. Starting with the lowest 35cm, then medium 60cm and the heighest in offer is 85cm. It is made of steel and finished with hardwearing powder coating. Durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean with damp cloth. Planter is available in 3 height options: 35cm, 60cm, 85cm and in black or white.Depth of planter box is 20cm in all planter options.Plants can be arranged at different heights and in square and rectangular boxes.Choose between URAL standard and URAL Long and URAL Extra Long(Please check them options in our shop). All options are available at the same depth(20cm) and width(25cm). Lengts and heights of the planters vary and and can be mixed in desired plant arrangements.Planters Widths and Lengths for Square and rectangular options:Planter URAL - 25cm x 25cmPlanter URAL Long - 25cm x 60cmPlanter URAL Extra Long - 25cm x 80cm This metal planter is powder coated (hardwearing and easy to clean).