Weld - Reseda Luteola 100+ Seeds Natural Dye Plant

Weld - Reseda Luteola 100+ Seeds Natural Dye Plant
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100+ seeds per packet. Weld, Reseda Luteola, seeds grown & harvested here in my gardens. Reseda Luteola is also known as Dyer’s Weld, Dyers Rocket & Mignonette. Weld is a natural dye plant that has been used for a very lightfast yellow since antiquity. The luteolin it contains is very lightfast, & is responsible for many, still bright & colorful textiles on display in museums. All parts of the plant, other than the roots contain luteolin. Weld has also been used as a very lightfast pigment & paint since antiquity & is responsible for many of the wonderful yellows in old paintings. The seeds need to be kept consistently moist while germinating & I think I may have read that they even like a bit of light to help with germination. So, do not cover heavily with soil, & make sure to keep moist. I had some difficulty getting Weld seeds to germinate that I purchased from various sources, & had to try a few times to get them going. I think that sowing them in potting soil, in a container & then transplanting them is working best for me. I have seeds coming up now in a pot from this year’s plantsthat germinated immediatelyso, hopefully you will find the same the be true. Weld has a taproot, so transplant carefully while young & water well, as plants with a single taproot do not transplant happily when they get larger. Weld is a biennial, which means it grows a rosette of leaves in the first year & flowers & forms seeds in the 2nd year. So, the first year, it will just be a rosette that grows low to the ground, but the 2nd year, it will get 5+ feet tall. Bees absolutely love the flower stems & will work them for weeks! You can leave the plant go to seed, & then harvest the whole plant to use fresh as a natural dyeor dry the whole thing & save it to use dry. Apparently in some climates this plant can self-seed & cause a lot of volunteer plants, but I don’t think that is true in my garden. I will send along an information sheet with your seed. Weld combines beautiful with indigo & woad for very lightfast greens & with Madder to make extremely lightfast orange hues. Weld - Reseda Luteola 100+ Seeds Natural Dye Plant