Vial Cap Rings

Vial Cap Rings
Categories: Health Care, Medicine
Brand: Etsy - NoRxRequired
Color: Gold
Size: custom
2.6 GBP
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Nothing gives more life to jewelry quite like repurposing! These adjustable rings are made from a base of your color choice (gold, rose gold, silver, bronze) & topped with a vial cap of your color choice! Vial caps originally serve a purpose in medicine as a sterile dust cap that covers unopened vials of medication. Vial caps typically are removed & tossed once a medication is opened. Instead of tossing them, I began saving them for repurposing! Each vial cap ring showcases a vial cap that once adorned a real hospital medication. First they got to protect medicines to help patients feel better, & now they get exciting new life by being repurposed into colorful, wearable, & durable ring centerpieces! Current available colors are shown, including some with flip off printed text! Any color vial cap can be paired with any color ring base to customize! Listing is for one ring. Vial Cap Rings