Urli Zinc Planter

Urli Zinc Planter
Brand: Foras
Size: One Size
19.99 GBP
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Stunning bowl shaped planter finished in subtle polished zinc. Inspired by the traditional Indian Kadai cooking pot and finished in subtle polished zinc, our Urli Zinc Planter features a large planting area and thickened galvanised zinc walls to protect your plants from extremes of temperature.The hand-forged, curved sides of the Urli are accentuated to stunning effect by the gold solder detail, which will gently oxidise over time when situated outside adding to the planters vintage charm.Suitable for use in the home or garden, we would recommend drilling your planter for drainage when placed outside Available in 3 sizes, or purchase as a set of 3 Galvanised Zinc : Oxidisation will occur over time when the planters are outside, this natural process will add to the vintage charm of the planter, blending it seamlessly into it’s surrounding environment.