Trio Of Succulent Plants With Vintage Print Planters

Trio Of Succulent Plants With Vintage Print Planters
Brand: Stupid Egg Houseplants
Size: One Size
24.95 GBP
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Cute little trio of vintage print ceramic planters complete with mixed succulents.Why not keep two and give one to your mum! Picking up on the vintage kitchen trend we have a gorgeous trio of little ceramic planters together with their own little succulents to sit in a sunny corner, on your desk, in your bathroom, on a windowsill, on the kitchen table, on your dressing table, in the hallway……… We’re sure you already have somewhere in mind! You will receive the trio of ceramic planters pictured with a mix of succulent plants. Exact plants occassionally vary from the images but be assured you will receive a trio of Haworthia, Sansevaria or Aloe that will all look fantastic !Standard and Larger sized pots and succulents are available. Ceramic and house plant