Tough Sticker Bumble Bee "Grow Native" [2

Tough Sticker Bumble Bee "Grow Native" [2
Brand: Etsy - DracoVisions
Color: Grey
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A weather-resistant 2 round sticker featuring a bee with a heart on her butt. Well, her back. But bee butts are cute, just search for images of them sticking out of flowers. Adorable. If you wish to purchase more than one sticker, a few or a great many, I’ll need to make a custom order just for you & we’d finalize that through messaging. Those stickers would, of course, be at a bulk discount price that further discounts the more stickers you buy. That being said, I might have to custom order more stickers if you are wanting more than I have in stock - so there would be a shipping delay. Anyway, more about the design: I drew a Rusty Patched Bumblebee (Bombus affinis) for this sticker. I want to raise awareness about conservation efforts & native ecology. An endangered native bee with a heart on its butt is an excellent posterchild. I figure, a shiny, tough sticker would get the attention of at least a few. One of the most important things an individual can do to help is plant wildflowers native to their area & not spray herb/pesticides. Use BONAP to verify if a species is native to where you live, if you are in the United States. Notes: Bee anatomy is fascinating. I wanted to draw attention to the ocelli, simple yet effective eyes which help them survive. So these are shiny if you… make eye contact. Grow Native is also shiny because shiny in this case is rainbow. Multiple colors mean variety, to emphasize that variety of native plantings is also important. A mix of different species so something is blooming all year to feed the native pollinators is the best garden design! produced the stickers with my design, thank you. The sticker is made of their holographic material. From their materials page: … materials are 2-4 year weatherproof withstanding everything from sunny days to the harshest of weather. Durable for cars, dishwashers, & anything else you could think of. Tough Sticker Bumble Bee Grow Native [2