Three Month Spice Subscription The Avid Adventurer

Three Month Spice Subscription The Avid Adventurer
Brand: Spice Kitchen
Size: One Size
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Stuck for mealtime inspiration? Bored of the same meals?Explore flavours from all over the world and don’t ever be stuck for mealtime inspiration again! not given EVERY MONTH YOU’LL RECEIVE:- all the spices you need to make delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy, delivered right to your door.- a free recipe guide each month with 12 much loved recipes from around the world.- the 3 months subscription will make over 100 meals!HOW IT WORKSSign up and receive your first month’s spice subscription posted through your letterbox.30 days later your second spice subscription will arrive and 30 days after that your third. MONTH 1- INDIA All the spices you need to make fragrant, tasty, crowd-pleasing Indian curries again and again. MONTH 2- AROUND THE WORLD These blends will allow you to create the most incredible international cuisine for your friends and family including dishes from Morocco, Jamaica, China, Indian, The Middle East, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Mexico MONTH 3- AFRICAN AND MIDDLE EASTERN Prepare to awaken your taste buds to some truly authentic flavours! These spices are perfect for rubbing as a marinade, adding to your stews, or sprinkling over hummus. BENEFITS OF THE 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION Perfect as a gift for the chef (or aspiring chef!) in your life.Blends are made fresh in small batches and stored in releasable packets to reduce exposure to air, meaning more freshness and flavour when you come to use them.Ethically produced, using recycled materials. Environmentally friendly. MONTH 1- INDIA Garam Masala (20g) Great Taste Award WinnerChilli Powder (20g)Cumin Seeds (20g)Ground Coriander (20g)Turmeric Powder (20g)Mustard Seeds (20g)Cassia (5g)Cardamom (2g)Cloves (1g)MONTH 2- AROUND THE WORLDIndian Spice Rub: Garam Masala (20g) Great Taste Award Winner Sri Lankan Spice Rub: Sri Lankan Curry Powder (20g)Tunisian Chilli Rub: Harissa (20g)Mexican Spice Rub (20g)Jamaican Spice Rub: Jerk (20g)Chinese Spice Rub (20g)Moroccan Spice Rub: Ras El Hanout (20g)Middle Eastern Spice & Herb Rub: Za’atar (20g)Indian Tandoori Masala (20g)MONTH 3- AFRICAN AND MIDDLE EASTERN Fenugreek (20g)Baharat (20g)Berbere (20g)Ras el Hanout (20g)Sumac (20g)Za’atar (20g)Harissa (20g) Pul Biber/Aleppo Pepper (20g)Urfa Biber (20g)