The Wall Flower Vase

The Wall Flower Vase
Brand: Louise Buchan
Size: One Size
16 GBP
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The perfect vase to turn your inside into an outside! If you don’t have a garden the Wall Flower Vase can give you that dream outside space in your kitchen!Spider plants, succulents, ivys and herbs will all look fantastic and create a juicy indoor space with the Wall Flower Vase.The vase creates an exciting extra place to display your flowers whether it is cut flowers or growing flowers, the options are endless.Fill it with herbs or house plants and hang it in your kitchen and your room will come alive with the heavenly scent of spring.It is the perfect gift for Mothers Day or a Birthday or for someone moving into a new home. The Wall Flower Vase can also be used in a work space to hold pencils, paint brushes or even in your bedroom to store make-up brushes. The vase is made from glazed white ceramic. It has a flat back and a hole for hanging at the top. It comes in a recycled card gift box.