The Mouse House

The Mouse House
Brand: Barrow Wood
Size: One Size
29 GBP
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A gorgeous hidden door ideal for inspiring the mind or just adding a little bit of designer touch to any outdoor area This gorgeous secret door is the perfect way to bring some magic to your garden. Its beautiful design means it can be put up against any wall or tree to give the appearance of a secret world behind it.This door comes inclusive with 2 windows to put up alongside the door to add even more authenticity to the magic.Let your imagination run wild on a walk with your little ones, or simply admire the magic yourself. not given We believe garden accessories should be built to last. That’s why we use the very best materials to build our planters and bird boxes. Tricoya is an engineered wood to increase both its durability and its stability when used outdoors. It has a number of benefits differentiating it from other wood. Tricoya is not only sourced sustainably but it is backed by the EU led LIFE programme for creating a sustainable future for soft wood manufacturing. Tricoya also has an established reputation for durability (outdoors!) so you can be confident in the knowledge that your birds won’t just have a home for this season but also the next, and the next, and the next…If you would like to find out more about this product please visit the manufacturer’s website tricoya.comWhere it is not possible to use Tricoya we use only the highest quality alternative materials such as stainless steel or oak so you can be sure your product will last.The Barrow Wood, all-weather Large Herb Planter is the perfect gift for any plant lover and is great for planting a range of your favourite herbs.