The Herb Tea Plants Gift Hamper

The Herb Tea Plants Gift Hamper
Brand: The Gluttonous Gardener
Size: One Size
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Do you know someone special who deserves their own supply of fresh, fragrant and soothing herbal teas? Included in the crate:Lemon verbena plantPeppermint plantPacket of camomile seedsTea infuser ballCare instructions and tea brewing tipsHand-packed in a handsome reuseable wooden crateWe’ll send the lucky recipient a lemon verbena plant and a peppermint plant in handsome terracotta pots. These beautiful herbs brew teas to both comfort and revive.Alongside this fragrant duo we provide an infuser ball and a packet of seeds to grow calming camomile flowers.These vigorous herbs will grow happily in a pot so even the smallest garden (or balcony or windowsill) can provide a bountiful harvest. PLEASE NOTE: We always deliver healthy specimens, which will grow vigorously. All deciduous plants will vary in size and shape depending on availability and time of year.Contact us directly for more information about how plants appear at present. Both plants will be carefully cocooned in wood wool, gently packed into one of our uniquely crafted, sustainable wood crates, and adorned with your special gift message. Full planting and care instructions are included.Delivered direct to any UK address on the day of your choice.