Thai Birdseye Chilli Pepper Grow Your Own Kit

Thai Birdseye Chilli Pepper Grow Your Own Kit
Brand: So Sow Garden
Size: One Size
13.99 GBP
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The most complete chilli grow kit. Grow Thai Birdseye Chillies. All you need in one box! Includes a stash of handy tools, tips and goodies. This makes the perfect gift for both chilli lovers and budding gardeners alike. Full of tips and goodies, it’s perfect as a gift or even to start your own crop.Contains:• 6 x planting pots• 1 x (bag) of high quality seeds• 1 x (bag) organic compost• 1 x (bag) organic pinewood sawdust• 1 x (bag) organic horticultural grade vermiculite• 1 x labeling pencil• 6 x wooden support/label sticks• 1 x wooden shovel spoon• 1 x scoville scroll• tips, info and collectablesHandmade in the UK. not given recycled cardboard, organic peet free compost, high grade organic vermiculite, organic course pinewood sawdust straight from my furniture making workshop.Recycled and reusable plastic sealable bags, wooden pencil, Jute string, recycled paper lables with natural gum glue backing. Wrapped in protective recycled cardboard for transit.