strawberry Jute Bag Grow Set

strawberry Jute Bag Grow Set
Brand: Etsy - BEEcycleuk
Color: Red
6.99 GBP
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Eco friendly Jute Bag Strawberry growing set. A great gift for people who love to grow or eat strawberries! A jute bag set containing everything you need to grow yourself some strawberries. The set contains a lining to hold in moisture so that the jute bag can sit on any surface without leaking. Add water & the soil will expand in the bag. Add the seeds & put the bag in a warm place to watch your plant grow! The beautiful jute bag makes the set suitable for any window sill or table. At BEEcycle we thrive on making some of the more unusual & trendy gifts that impact the recipient greatly. Not only that, our aim is to help save the planet by making plants the perfect gift worldwide. Plants are our passion; we want to help people discover how amazing they are. Choose 2 more packs to grow sunflower & tomato for a total of 20! made from: Strawberry seeds. Biodegradable jute. strawberry Jute Bag Grow Set